Medical researchers relieved at NHMRC funding in 2011 Budget

Burnet Institute

11 May, 2011

Burnet staff join the thousands of protesters at the Rally for Research in April.

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan confirmed last night in the Budget speech that NHMRC funding will actually increase by 4.3% to $746.1 million in the coming year, although the need to now fund some programs once supported outside the scheme means it is more-or-less the same allocation for existing activities.

Burnet Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb congratulated the Federal Government for holding their ground in what was clearly a difficult circumstance for them as they attempt to bring the budget back into balance.

“Australia’s contribution to medical research has been significant on a global scale where we are recognised world leaders. This budget indicates that the Federal Government well understands the contribution this research makes to living longer and healthier lives, and by doing so its enormous positive benefit to the economy,” Professor Crabb said.

“On behalf of Burnet, I would like to thank the public and medical research colleagues for the overwhelming support we received, which reinforced to the Government the importance that NHMRC funding levels were maintained. To their great credit, that message was heard and acted on.”

The Institute looks forward to new projects and young medical research stars that will now be supported by the next round of NHMRC grants and working towards achieving better health outcomes through our research.

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