Burnet Institute researchers acknowledged in NHMRC funding round

Angus Morgan

17 October, 2014

Associate Professor Mark Stoove (second from right) with colleagues from Burnet's Centre for Population Health, (L-R) Dr Brendan Quinn, Rebecca Winter, Danielle Horyniak and Arthur Truong

Burnet Institute has been awarded more than $7.6 million in the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Grants announced today by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, and Health Minister, the Hon. Peter Dutton MP, in Sydney.

Burnet Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb said it is a wonderful outcome for the Institute, having received 10 separate grants and fellowships, a reflection of the extremely high standard of applications submitted.

“This is tremendous recognition of the talent of many of our younger, and more established scientists and field researchers, and of the quality of their work and reputation,” Professor Crabb said.

“I am especially pleased for Associate Professor Mark Stoové, who has received a prestigious Career Development Grant for his work in optimising treatment as prevention strategies for hepatitis C and HIV.”

“The outstanding work of Burnet’s Centre for International Health has also been acknowledged with an NHMRC Project Grant for Associate Professor Stanley Luchters, the second of such grants for the Centre.

“This marks a further step forward in the integration of cutting edge research into traditional development aid programs.”

The grant will support research to address the problem of unintended pregnancies among female sex workers in Kenya.

In addition to project support for many Burnet investigators, three researchers were awarded prestigious individual fellowships.

Please see below for a full list of recipients with their project names.

Burnet Institute NHMRC grants (commencing 2015):

Project Grants

Professor Mark Hogarth - $673,472
Structure and Function of Human Fc Receptors

Associate Professor Heidi Drummer - $623,475
A universal prophylactic vaccine for Hepatitis C Virus

Dr Mireille Lahoud - $1,248,500
Molecular basis for the efficient processing of antigens taken up by Clec9A, a DAMP receptor on dendritic cells

Dr Meredith O’Keeffe - $807,787
Exploring the contribution of interferon-lambda to autoimmune disease

Professor Paul Gorry - $636,760
Envelope Glycoprotein Determinants of HIV-1 Subtype C Tropism and Pathogenicity

Associate Professor Stanley Luchters - $706,692
Reducing unintended pregnancies among female sex workers in Kenya using mHealth: a cluster randomised trial

Associate Professor Gilda Tachedjian - $770,084
Immune modulatory effects of vaginal microbiota metabolites and HIV susceptibility

Career Development Grant

Associate Professor Mark Stoové, – $455,452
Optimising treatment as prevention strategies for hepatitis C and HIV

Early Career Fellowship (Overseas)

Danielle Horyniak - $350,388
The epidemiology of substance use among forced migrant populations

International Exchange Early Career Fellowship

Dr Huachun Zou - $154,718
Developing and evaluating novel strategies for the control of syphilis in priority populations

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