Burnet scientist wins Frank Fenner Award

Burnet Institute

19 May, 2011

Associate Professor Johnson Mak has won this year's Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) Frank Fenner Award. Pictured here with Burnet Institute Ambassador Princess Zulu.

This award recognizes contributions in any area of Australian research in microbiology by scientists in a formative stage of their careers.

“It was a great honour to be recognised for my team and I’s work. These awards are also very important for Burnet because without the support of the institute, this kind of work wouldn’t be possible,” Associate Professor Mak said.

“Burnet is a great environment to cultivate great scientists, and this creates this critical mass to allow our work to flourish.”

Associate Professor Mak came to Burnet Institute 15 years ago and since then has had great success in HIV research and securing high profile grants and fellowships.

“My team and I have invested a tremendous amount of energy and resources to develop novel approached to dissect the biology of HIV, with particular emphasis to delineate the early steps of HIV replication,” Associate Professor Mak said.

This award was given to Associate Professor Mak as the panel believed his work would enhance Australia’s international reputation in microbiology.

As part of the award, Associate Professor Mak will present his submission for the Fenner Plenary Presentation at the ASM Annual Scientific Meeting next year.

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