Young scientists showcase their work at AMREP Conference

Angus Morgan

17 September, 2014

The Hon. Adam Bandt MP

Some of Australia’s budding young scientists have been warned that excellence in research is not enough, and that they need to become better communicators and ‘get political’ to promote their work.

Delivering the opening address at the 2014 AMREP Early and Mid-Career Researchers Conference in Melbourne, the Federal Member for Melbourne and Australian Greens spokesperson on Science, the Hon. Adam Bandt MP, urged young scientists to stand up for themselves in pursuit of the funding dollar.

“We are going to need strong voices for science and research on the national stage to compete with the others who have the ear of politicians who are demanding a share of the Federal Government pie,” Mr Bandt said.

“I know most of you just want to do your good research and have that then listened to and implemented by the people who make decisions.”

“But we need to think about how to support those voices in the parliament and outside parliament who will do the job of arguing for a greater share of the research pie.”

Conference committee member, Burnet’s Dr Megan Lim, said she was delighted with the support of Mr Bandt and ABC broadcaster Lindy Burns who delivered the Plenary Address.

Dr Lim was pleased also with the high standard of presentations at the conference, which were open to early and mid-career researchers based at Burnet Institute, Monash Central Clinical School, Monash SPHPM and Baker IDI.

“I think a lot of people assumed that because it’s an internal conference, the quality wouldn’t be as high,” said Dr Lim.

“But we had well over 100 abstracts submitted and less than 20 presentations in total.

“One of the main things we were interested in was whether people were able to communicate their science well.

“So that’s why we’ve had such good presentations on such a diversity of subjects from creating artificial skin to treat burns injuries, to immune regulation and the loneliness of elderly Chinese-born Australians.”

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