Burnet Chair, Alastair Lucas AM taking extended leave due to illness

Burnet Institute

10 September, 2014

Alastair launching Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies in Port Moresby

It is with regret that we announce that Mr Alastair Lucas AM, Chair of Burnet Institute, will take extended leave after being unexpectedly diagnosed with a serious illness over the weekend.

Alastair will also take leave as Chairman of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Action Group and Chairman of Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs Australia. He also serves on the board of Research Australia and is founder and Chair of Cell Care Australia.

Alastair has chaired the Burnet Institute for the past 12 years, guiding the Institute’s growth and success to become an internationally-renowned medical research and public health organisation.

Mr Robert Milne, long-term Burnet Board member, will become Acting Chair of Burnet in Alastair’s absence.

Alastair has a wide-reaching interest in and commitment to health and medical research, including being Chairman of the MRFF Action Group, a group that represents all medical research in Australia. The MRFF Action Group, which was launched late last month and is advocating for the establishment of the $20 billion fund to support medical research, was established largely through Alastair’s foresight. His capacity to galvanise the entire community in this way, across all disparate sectors, is unprecedented in Australia.

The Chairman of Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute and Vice-Chairman of UBS Australia, Mr Peter Scott, will become Chairman of the MRFF Action Group. He will be supported by Deputy Chairs, Mr Matthew Grounds (Chief Executive of UBS Australasia, Chairman of Victor Chang Institute and Council Member of the University of NSW) and Mr Ian Smith (board member of Baker IDI).

While he will not be involved on a day-to-day basis as he focuses on his treatment, Alastair will remain the Foundation Chair of the MRFF Action Group and provide strategic input into what he considers to be one of the most significant developments in health in this country’s history. We look forward to his return as Chair of Burnet in coming months.

Alastair’s exemplary leadership throughout the health and medical research sector has already saved and improved the lives of many people and promises to save and improve the lives of many more in the future.

The Burnet staff, our Board, and the Institute’s supporters wish Alastair, his family and close friends well as he takes on this unexpected challenge.

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