Medical investment by government tends to stimulate philanthropy

Burnet Institute

03 September, 2014

President of AAMRI and Burnet’s Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb joined with Professor Christine Bennett AO, the Chair of Research Australia, in a timely opinion piece in today’s The Australian newspaper centred on the Medical Research Future Fund and its likely impact.

Here’s an excerpt of the published article but click here to access The Australian online.

Medical investment by government tends to stimulate philanthropy


THE Medical Research Future Fund offers a far-sighted and smart investment in better health, and a more effective and efficient health system.

Health and medical research flourishes when investment by government combines with investment from industry and philanthropy.

Speculation about the potential impact of stronger government investment on the likelihood of Australians to donate is not supported by experiences in Australia and elsewhere.

Research Australia held a conference on this issue that brought together research leaders with patient advocacy groups, philanthropic foundations and international experts.

The key conclusion of those assembled was a buoyant and positive view that more investment will in fact stimulate and increase giving.

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