HIV researcher awarded prestigious fellowship

Burnet Institute

28 August, 2014

Dr Jacqueline Flynn with fellow lab members Geza Paukovics and Dr Michael Roche and her brother, Russell Flynn. Photo by Peter Cassemento on behalf of veski.

Burnet HIV researcher Dr Jacqueline Flynn has been awarded a prestigious 2014 Victoria Fellowship, enabling her to travel to the UK and France for specialist lab training.

The Victorian Minister for Innovation, the Honourable Louise Asher MP presented Dr Flynn with the Fellowship award at Parliament House in Melbourne. The Fellowship provides funding to continue her research on how HIV infects immune cells.

Dr Flynn said receiving the Fellowship was an incredible opportunity and will allow her to learn assay techniques new to Victoria.

“A key to preventative HIV therapies is an understanding of how HIV spreads infection among immune cells,” she said.

“This study mission to Professor Quentin Sattentau’s laboratory at Oxford University will teach me techniques for investigating cell-to-cell spread of HIV.

“This specialised training will allow me to bring this technique back to Burnet, enhancing Victoria’s research capacity.”

As well as the Victoria Fellowship, Dr Flynn was also presented with the Australian French Association for Science and Technology (AFAS) Fellowship.

She will undertake training in Professor Victor Appay’s laboratory at INSERM at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

“These fellowships will have benefits for all the labs involved, internationally and at Burnet. Not only through technique sharing but also through the development of future collaborative and innovative research programs,” Dr Flynn said.


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