Call to Action to Scale up Global Hepatitis Response

Burnet Institute

12 June, 2014

A powerful new tool to raise awareness of viral hepatitis globally has been released by the World Health Organization (WHO), ahead of World Hepatitis Day on 28 July.

The Call to Action to Scale up Global Hepatitis Response was established to raise awareness and demonstrate shared commitment to viral hepatitis globally.

It was developed at the recent Global Partners’ Meeting on Hepatitis held in Geneva, which brought together researchers and academics, NGOs, civil society, development agencies and the WHO.

Burnet Institute’s Head of the Centre for Population Health, Professor Margaret Hellard facilitated the drafting of this significant initiative.

“The Call to Action highlights the global impact of viral hepatitis on human health,” Professor Hellard said.

“There are over 1.44 million deaths from viral hepatitis every year, despite many of these infections being either preventable or curable in those infected.”

The Call to Action calls on the global community to take immediate and concerted action to increase advocacy and awareness, knowledge and evidence, prevent transmission and improve screening, care and treatment.

According to the WHO, the number of deaths each year from viral hepatitis is slightly less than for HIV and AIDS at 1.46 million, but much more than tuberculosis (1.2 million) and malaria (1.17 million).

More than 200,000 people live with hepatitis C in Australia.

CLICK HERE to see the Call to Action to Scale up Global Hepatitis Response.

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