Countdown to AIDS 2014 conference!

Burnet Institute

05 June, 2014

It’s just six weeks until the 20th International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2014, gets underway in Melbourne - and Burnet will be there!

Keep in touch through the Burnet website, facebook and twitter to a range of events and activities that we will be hosting or involved in.

In the countdown to AIDS 2014 we will be highlighting a range of stories about our HIV work which involves more than 170 scientists and public health professionals. Many were published in our special edition of IMPACT.

AIDS 2014 will be the largest gathering of medical researchers, public health professionals and community groups from around the world, with an estimated 14,000 delegates - all focused on HIV and AIDS.

Burnet Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb said, “This presents a terrific opportunity for us to demonstrate to a broad and diverse group our leadership in HIV research and public health, and to engage with many of our international collaborators and friends.

“Over the past 30 years, Australia has shown outstanding leadership in HIV prevention and Burnet has played a significant part in this.

“Although a cure for HIV remains elusive, our scientists have made important contributions to understanding HIV and the body’s response to infection. This work has helped in the development of effective HIV therapies and the pursuit of therapeutic cures or preventive vaccines.

“Burnet researchers continue to play an integral role, including in a new global scientific strategy, Towards a Cure, which sets a clear, global strategy for research towards an HIV cure.”

We invite as many of our supporters as possible to visit the Global Village at the AIDS 2014 conference, which will be open to the community, and to participate where you can. We are sure it will be an amazing experience.

Find out more about the conference.


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