World's leading vaccine experts in Melbourne

Burnet Institute

08 May, 2014

Dr Rosemary Ffrench with her poster about Burnet's ImmunoMonitoring Facility.

The world’s leading vaccine experts are in Melbourne this week to discuss emerging concepts in vaccine design and immunotherapeutic drug development at the 2014 Australasian Vaccines & Immunotherapies Development Meeting conference (AVID).

Burnet Institute’s Head of the Viral Immunology Laboratory and one of AVID’s organisers, Dr Rosemary Ffrench said more researchers attended the conference than ever before.

“We have attracted a high quality of international experts to present at this conference and as a result had a record number of posters and abstracts submitted,” Dr Ffrench said.

“There is now a big push for translational medical research so there is more and more work being done on vaccine development.”

Burnet’s malaria specialists, Professor Brendan Crabb and Professor James Beeson presented in a session specifically dedicated to the deadly infectious disease, a first for AVID.

Another interesting focus for the conference was delivery systems for vaccines, with Professor Mark Kendall from the University of Queensland presenting his invention of a needle-free device called a Nanopatch, which is a small patch that targets more immune cells using a much smaller dose than a traditional syringe.

Associate Professor Paul Cameron from Burnet’s Lewin/Cameron HIV and Hepatitis Immunopathogenesis Laboratory, will present tomorrow on the last day of the conference.

Burnet’s Professor James Beeson presents his work on identifying targets and mechanisms of protective immunity to malaria in humans.

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