Malaria researcher awarded Minister's Medal

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10 June, 2011

Dr Tania de Koning-Ward was awarded the Commonwealth Health Minister's Medal for Excellence in Health and Medical Research.

Along with the gold medal, Dr de Koning-Ward from Deakin University’s School of Medicine also received a $50,000 grant for her groundbreaking work in malarial research.

Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, the Hon Mark Butler MP, presented the prize on behalf of the Minister for Health and Ageing Nicola Roxon.

“Dr de Koning-Ward is an outstanding researcher and this is a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate her extensive contributions to malaria research,” Mr Butler said.

“She has been recognised not only for her research ability, evidenced by her strong publication record and growing international reputation, but also her support for graduate and postgraduate students under her supervision.”

Dr de Koning-Ward and her team recently made a major breakthrough in discovering how the malaria parasite remodels its host red blood cell to enhance its survival and cause the disease.

“The $50,000 grant will help Dr de Koning-Ward and her team to further their research and contribute to the discovery of an effective anti-malarial vaccine,” Mr Butler said.

“A vaccine has the potential to protect around 3.3 billion people – half of the world’s population – who are at risk of malaria.”

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