Burnet honours student awarded John Monash Scholarship

Burnet Institute

30 April, 2014

Genevieve Martin accepts her scholarship from Prime Minister, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP. Photo courtesy of the General Sir John Monash Foundation and Susan Gordon-Brown photography are acknowledged.

Outstanding former Burnet honours student, Genevieve Martin has been awarded a prestigious 2014 General Sir John Monash Scholarship, presented by Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP.

The scholarships are designed to select Australia’s finest leaders and equip them for their future role through postgraduate education at leading international universities.

Ms Martin said she felt honoured to be awarded the scholarship, which will be used to complete a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Medicine at Oxford University.

Her focus will be on novel therapeutic strategies for infectious diseases, particularly HIV.

“I look forward to the challenges I will face in the next few years. The achievements and future plans of the other recipients of this scholarship are truly inspiring and it is humbling to be considered amongst this group,” she said.

“I am grateful to my family, friends and mentors who continue to support me and provide invaluable advice.”

Ms Martin studied her honours under Burnet’s Associate Director of Clinical Research, Professor Suzanne Crowe AM. She intends to become a physician/researcher and work towards making Australia a leader in the study of infectious diseases.

Ms Martin with her supervisor, Burnet’s Professor Suzanne Crowe.

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