Dendritic Cell Research Lab receives funding boost

Burnet Institute

10 December, 2013

Head of Burnet Institute’s Dendritic Cell Research Laboratory, Dr Meredith O’Keeffe has received more than £220,000 from the Association for International Cancer Research for her work on bone marrow dendritic cells.

Dr O’Keeffe said the three-year grant starting in January would enable her laboratory to continue its work to characterise the role of dendritic cells in the bone marrow.

“Dendritic cells are generally though of as the guards of the immune system, they have been well studied in organs like the spleen and the lymph nodes but their nature and role in bone marrow is largely unexplored,” she explained.

“We will determine their role in fighting viral infection and determine whether their normal function is perturbed in bone marrow preceding the development of leukemia.

“Ideally our research will reveal ways to enhance the function of dendritic cells in bone marrow to protect from infection or malignancy.”

The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) is a UK-based charity dedicated to funding cancer research worldwide. In nearly 35 years, AICR has invested over £170 million into some of the world’s most promising and exciting research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


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