Travel awards presented to outstanding young researchers

Burnet Institute

29 November, 2013

Burnet Institute Travel Award winners Cath Latham, Danielle Horyniak and Muriel Aldunate with Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb.. (Absent Kieran Cashin and Megan Lim.)

Five deserving Burnet researchers have been presented with the 2013 Burnet Institute Travel Awards at the final staff meeting for the year.

Burnet Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb said the awards acknowledge the support of the philanthropic sector while recognising the talent of the Institute’s staff.

“The travel awards are of great benefit to the recipients, supporting them to attend conferences or participate in further training and study,” Professor Crabb said.

“The Institute greatly appreciates the financial support of the Harold Mitchell Foundation, the Miller Foundation and the Geoffrey Connard Foundation – without their support, these awards would not be possible.”

The Harold Mitchell Foundation Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Travel Fellowships are open to a junior postdoc fellow and a senior PhD student respectively, studying in any field of research.

The awards from the Miller Foundation are awarded to PhD students studying in any field of biomedical or public health research.

The Hon Geoffrey Connard was the founding Chairman of the Burnet Institute – this award is open to early career investigators studying any field of research with no more than 10 years experience from the time they obtained their highest degree.

Harold Mitchell Foundation Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship
Megan Lim, Centre for Population Health

Harold Mitchell Foundation Postgraduate Travel Fellowship
Kieran Cashin, Centre for Biomedical Research

Miller Foundation Biomedical Research Travel Award
Muriel Aldunate, Centre for Biomedical Research

Miller Foundation Public Health Travel Award
Danielle Horyniak, Centre for Population Health

Hon Geoffrey Connard Travel Fellowship
Cath Latham, Centre for Biomedical Research

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