Outstanding researcher receives ARC Future Fellowship

Burnet Institute

13 November, 2013

Dr Freya Fowkes researches malaria immunity in pregnant women.

Head of Burnet Institute’s Malaria and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Group, Dr Freya Fowkes has received a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship, identifying her as one of Australia’s most outstanding researchers.

Dr Fowkes said she was thrilled to receive the fellowship worth more than AUD $750,000 which will go towards furthering her work on malaria immunity.

“It will allow me to undertake my research in malaria immuno-epidemiology, which aims to understand the immune response to malaria in pregnant women and infants, and to understand the interaction between immunity and drug resistance,” she said.

“Understanding immunity to malaria is key to developing new interventions, to understanding the effectiveness of current malaria treatment and controlling programs to reduce the global burden of malarial disease.

“The fellowship comes at a pivotal time in my career and will help me make an important contribution to Australian academic research.”

The ARC Fellowships are awarded to mid-career researchers under a Federal Government initiative to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers from Australia and overseas.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Dr Fowkes’ work.

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