Latest malaria data presented at MiM 2013

Burnet Institute

15 October, 2013

Dr Peter Ryan delivers the first MiM2013 plenary.

The next generation of malaria researchers have packed the AMREP Lecture Theatre for the Malaria in Melbourne Conference (MiM 2013).

More than 200 researchers, mostly from Australia but also Papua New Guinea, will spend two days hearing about the latest data and facilitate the development of collaborations between institutes.

MiM 2013 Chair and Head of Burnet’s Malaria Epidemiology Group, Dr Freya Fowkes said Australia is an international hub for malaria research.

“There is more than 50 research groups across the country investigating different approaches to try and solve this global health issue,” she said.

“We’ve all come together with the common goal of controlling, eliminating and ultimately eradicating malaria.”

Presentations will range from basic science through to clinical/epidemiological studies and translational research.

“This year our plenary speakers reflect the malaria community’s research goal with dengue fever expert, Dr Peter Ryan from Monash University and Burnet Deputy Director Professor Mike Toole AM who have both made major contributions to the global control of infectious diseases,” Dr Fowkes said.

For all the latest news on the research presented, head to #MiMelb2013 on Twitter.

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