Multi-drug resistant TB emerging in Asia Pacific region

Burnet Institute

12 September, 2011

Professor Don Enarsson (centre) held talks with Burnet staff including Professor Brendan Crabb and Professor Mike Toole

Professor Enarson has been Director of The Union since 1991 and his research focuses on the epidemiology and control of tuberculosis and of occupational lung diseases.

He has developed the current global strategy for the fight against tuberculosis and given technical assistance to more than 20 low-income countries.

Professor Enarson shared his expertise with Professor Brendan Crabb, Associate Professor David Anderson, Eman Aleksic, Dr Anne Ancia, Dr Jack Richards and Head of the Centre for International Health Professor Mike Toole.

“We discussed the emergency of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the Asia Pacific region and how the Burnet Institute can effectively engage in addressing this problem,” Professor Toole said.

“The strategic priorities for the Centre for International Health include tuberculosis, especially in Burma/Myanmar and Papua New Guinea so this was an important meeting.”

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