Day of Immunology 'Discovery Tour' a hit

Tracy Parish

29 April, 2013

Burnet’s Day of Immunology ‘Discovery Tour’ attracted science fans aged 6 to 85 years who were keen to meet our talented immunologists and go ‘behind the scenes’ on a tour of the dendritic research and malaria laboratories.

Hosted by Associate Professor Rose Ffrench and supported by immunologists Dr Meredith O'Keeffe, Nitasha Kumar, Sarah Charnaud, Kerry Ko and Ben Fancke, the public were entertained by an informative presentation about their wide-ranging work in developing new treatments, vaccines and prevention strategies for diseases of major global importance such as HIV and malaria, and their work into understanding dendritic cells to improve vaccines.

HIV researcher, Nitasha Kumar presenting.

Malaria researcher, Sarah Charnaud (second from left) hosted part of the tour and gave everyone a chance of seeing the malaria parasite under a microscope.

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