Malaria - A collaborative approach. Video 6:33.

Tracy Parish

17 April, 2013

AusAID Australia Awards Malaria Program featuring Burnet’s Director and international malaria researcher, Professor Brendan Crabb and Mr James Gilling, Australia’s Ambassador for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria (Dur: 6:33)

On 25 April each year – World Malaria Day – it’s a time to reflect on the continued human misery caused by this treatable and preventable disease.

Across the globe AusAID estimates that 655,000 people a year die from the disease, including 43,000 from the Asia/Pacific region, many of them young children.

AusAID and the Burnet Institute are working together through the Australia Awards program (formerly known as the Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships) to strengthen capacity, knowledge and infectious disease training for citizens from developing countries.

“Malaria is a development issue because it has a profound social and economic impact on many, if not most, of the countries where it is endemic,” Burnet Director and CEO Professor Crabb said.

“Malaria is treatable and preventable. Some of the barriers to control and elimination are simply whether people or governments know about those methods and how best to apply them in their settings."

You can find out more about Burnet’s extensive malaria research programs in our Health Themes area of the site or through projects underway in the Centre for Biomedical Reseach and Centre for International Health.

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