Burnet's malaria researchers among Australia's best at conference

Burnet Institute

04 October, 2011

Australia’s best malaria researchers have come together for the two-day Malaria in Melbourne (MiM) Conference, which focuses on early-career researchers and their latest work.

Melbourne has more than 40 malaria labs and a lot of world-first research into the devastating disease comes out of Melbourne-based institutes.

The Head of Burnet Institute’s Malaria Epidemiology Group, Dr Freya Fowkes was on the organising committee and said the conference heard the latest in ground breaking research.

“We were taken on a journey fro the parasite’s life inside the red blood cell to human immunity, genetic diversity and antimalarial discovery and delivery,” Dr Fowkes said.

“Burnet was well represented with outstanding talks from five early career researchers, Michelle Boyle, Damien Drew, Faith Osier, Tana Taechalertpaisarn and Ulrich Terheggen.”

Faith Osier and Michelle Boyle from the Centre for Immunology were recognised for their achievements with awards for best oral presentations. Michelle also won third prize for the image competition with ‘Rings of Colour’.

“MiM was a great opportunity to forge collaborations and stimulate exciting discussions around the important malarial scientific questions of our time,” Dr Fowkes said.

Burnet Institute made a significant contribution to these discussions with Paul Gilson, Catherine Nie, Linda Reiling, Damien Drew and Dr Fowkes chairing sessions.

Research School of Biology Director at The Australian National University, Professor Kiaran Kirk was the plenary speaker.

Professor Kirk’s major research interest is in the physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology of the malaria parasite and he has made major contributions to the malaria field as a researcher and a mentor.

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