Leading malaria researcher visits Burnet

Burnet Institute

26 July, 2011

Dr James Beeson, Professor James Kazura and Professor Brendan Crabb.

Also the Director for the Center for Global Health and Diseases at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, Professor Kazura met with Professor Brendan Crabb, Dr James Beeson and Dr Freya Fowkes to talk about two collaborative projects.

Professor Kazura is the lead investigator with co-investigators Professor Crabb and Dr Beeson on a project, aimed at understanding how immunity to malaria is acquired in humans and the mechanisms that mediate immunity to malaria.

“Children and adults will be followed over time and immune responses will be studied to determine which responses are most important in preventing malaria illness and infection,” Dr Beeson said.

“It is hoped that this knowledge will advance the development of a malaria vaccine.”

The second project is on understanding how a decline in malaria transmission in some regions in Papua New Guinea, due to the roll-out of malaria control interventions (such as bed-nets), will impact on immunity and susceptibility to malaria.

“This knowledge will be valuable for the development of tools for malaria surveillance and identifying populations at greatest risk of malaria,” Dr Beeson said.

Both projects are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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