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Burnet Institute

21 June, 2015

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The Burnet Cancer Treatment Discoveries Appeal is edging ever closer to its $250,000 target, but your support is urgently needed to bridge the gap by 30 June.

The funds are going to support Burnet’s cancer scientists directly, and for the purchase of a cell counter to facilitate complex analysis.

By precisely counting the number of cells in a sample, this machine can help our scientists measure the effect of cancer immunotherapies on patients.

This cell counter will provide critical new knowledge to defeat cancer.

IMAGE: A cell counter can measure the effect of cancer immunotherapies on patients

Dr Irene Caminschi, Professor Mark Hogarth, Dr Paul Ramsland and Dr Raffi Gugasyan are pioneering research into how we can arm the immune system against the devastating disease.

One in 100,000 cancer patients experience spontaneous remissions when their immune system fights back and kills tumours.

“The immune system is incredibly powerful,” said Dr Caminschi.

“Every day a war is raging inside you and the immune system almost always wins. And yet, it totally fails to protect us against cancer … we need to find out why.”

The only way to find out is by investing in basic scientific research that leads to medical breakthroughs.

The journey to creating a world where there is less suffering can be shortened with your support.

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