Head of the Nossal Institute speaks at Burnet

Burnet Institute

01 July, 2011

Professor Brown has dedicated his career to studying immunity to malaria, he is the Chair of the Scientific Consultants Group of the USAID Malaria Vaccine Development Program, a member of the international advisory committee to malERA and Chair of the Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee of the World Health Organization.

He also represents the research and academia constituency on the board of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and he talked about the challenges associated with that in his presentation.

As well as Roll Back Malaria, Professor Brown discussed challenges to other current malaria control programs, the strategic research agenda designed to address the gaps in knowledge and tools that would be required for regional and eventually global elimination of malaria.

Burnet Institute is a world leader in malaria research, both clinical and translational. Follow the links below if you would like to know more about our work in malaria.

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