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27 April, 2012

Researchers in Burnet's ImmunoMonitoring Facility

Immunologists across Australia have celebrated the International Day of Immunology – a day aimed at linking science to health.

The event aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance of the immune system to people’s health and well being.

Three of Melbourne’s best scientists spoke about how immunology research is saving lives in areas of transplantation and HIV and AIDS at a public forum to mark the International Day of Immunology.

A capacity crowd filled the Melbourne Brain Centre Auditorium to hear lung transplant specialist Dr Glen Westall from The Alfred, Professor Jim McClusky from The University of Melbourne and Burnet’s Co-head of the Centre for Virology Professor Sharon Lewin.

Professor Lewin spoke about the fight against HIV, the successes since the virus was identified, challenges and the future.

A video cast of the lecture will be available soon.

Also part of the Day of Immunology activities is the primary schools competition ‘Beating the Bugs’, run for the first time in 2011.

The competition aims to engage children to think about how their immune system defends them from ‘bugs’ and keeps them healthy by making a short video or digital story.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in entering the ‘Beating the Bugs’ Day of Immunology Primary School competition.

There are one thousand immunology researchers in Australia and 400 of them work in Melbourne making the city an immunology hub.

The Burnet Institute’s namesake and Nobel Laureate Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet was a pioneer in immunology research, staying in Victoria when many medical researchers left to work overseas.

Today, the Institute’s Centre for Immunology has a strong focus on translational research, working hard to develop novel ways to prevent or treat major infectious diseases, cancers and autoimmune diseases.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Burnet Institute’s immunology research.

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