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02 January, 2020

Trish Richards supports Burnet's research each month

Trish Richards, 80, is one of those friendly, enthusiastic and very interested people who easily engage in conversation. She also has a serious side governed by her deep compassion for those less fortunate. Trish greatly appreciates her life in Australia. Her many travels overseas have reinforced her view that it is a privilege to live in Australia.

Consequently, Trish has always looked for ways of giving to others, such as her work as a mothercraft nurse; her support of charities, particularly Burnet Institute; and her volunteering. Currently, Trish volunteers at four charities, covering mental illness, the aged, the disabled, and disadvantaged children.

Trish loves children and in her mid-40s became a mothercraft nurse after two years of full time study. She then worked in various roles looking after children until her retirement at age 69. A supporter of Burnet for many years, Trish frequently attends our supporter presentations.

“I have had many meaningful conversations with research scientists and have frequently heard the CEO, Brendan Crabb, present and answer questions about the Institute’s work.

“Brendan and his scientific team have great expertise, huge enthusiasm and a deep dedication for their work, together with liberal doses of optimism and compassion. They are inspirational and I have every confidence in their ongoing ability to continue their vital work,” Trish said.

“I am fascinated by the different types of research and social programs undertaken by Burnet.

“I love the Institute’s focus on helping vulnerable communities in Australia and overseas – particularly improving the health of children and young people in disadvantaged or ‘at risk’ circumstances. It is so important to help children and young people as they are the future.

“I support Burnet Institute through regular monthly donations which are modest because I am on a limited income age pension,” she explained.

“However, I have also left a gift in my Will for the Institute. Through Burnet and its wonderful, far-reaching work, I know that I am making a much larger contribution to the welfare of others than I could ever do by directly supporting one community with a particular need.”

Trish plays pennant lawn bowls, has a very active social life and is always interested in trying new things.

“Everyone should take an interest in what is happening around them and undertake new challenges to remain healthy, active and alert,” Trish said.

“My enjoyment of life is greatly enhanced through my giving.”


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This article was published in the Spring 2019 Edition of IMPACT magazine. Read the full edition here

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