Dr Lim's a Tall Poppy

Burnet Institute

15 November, 2018

Dr Megan Lim with her 2018 Tall Poppy Science Award: photo courtesy Dr Danielle Horyniak

Burnet Institute’s Dr Megan Lim has been honoured for her public health research with a prestigious Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) Tall Poppy Award.

Dr Lim, Burnet’s Deputy Director, Behaviours and Health Risks, won a Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award for her research into the emergence and expansion of mobile phone technologies, which have revolutionised how young people communicate.

The impacts of the rapid social changes brought about by this new media are poorly understood.

Dr Lim’s research aims to understand the impact of these new technologies on young people’s health and wellbeing.

Her research has identified increasing access to potentially harmful phenomena, including; pornography, sexting, dating apps, and alcohol advertising; but has also found that young people’s connections with their peers developed through new media may also offer positive experiences and outcomes.

“I’m honoured to win the award amongst so many other talented scientists from a range of disciplines, and it’s great to see some acknowledgement of an interesting and growing field of research,” Dr Lim said.

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards aim to recognise the achievements of Australia’s outstanding young scientific researchers and communicators.

Selection criteria include outstanding research / academic achievement as well as excellence in communication and community engagement to promote an understanding of science.

University of Melbourne’s Dr Scott Griffiths was named the 2018 Tall Poppy of the Year for his research into eating disorders.

The Award winners participate in education and community outreach programs in which they become role models to inspire school students and the broader community about the possibilities of science.

This involves a range of other science promotion activities for school students, teachers and the broader community, including visits to schools, educational seminars, workshops, public talks and other activities.

Dr Lim is passionate about communicating about science and public health, which has led to numerous media appearances, including on The Project, Triple J, ABC and Joy FM radio, working with youth-led community organisations co-design her research, as well as disseminating her results back to young people.

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