Healthy Ageing

The rapid growth in the number of older people worldwide is unprecedented. As a result of achievements in decreasing high death rates and high fertility rates many countries in Asia and the Pacific are undergoing rapid demographic transition with increases in the proportion of older people.

Along with globalisation and urbanisation this is resulting in a change in the pattern of illness towards chronic, non-communicable diseases and problems of ageing.

Older people make an important contribution to their families and communities, but this can be undermined by illness or disability. There is an urgent need to re-orient primary health care and social welfare services towards the needs of older people and their families.

The ageing of populations is a significant development issue. Older people tend to be the poorest population group and countries are ageing before they become rich. There is a growing interest in research to inform policy makers and planners in the region.

Research and Public Health Focus

  • Previous collaboration with the Palm Foundation promoted the health and well-being of elders and their families in the tea plantation of Nuwara Eliya district in Sri Lanka
  • Addressed social isolation as a risk factor for chronic diseases, health problems of older women, and impact of eye health on healthy ageing.

In the labs we are researching autoimmune and inflammatory responses, cancer immunology and the impact of age on the immune system.

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Current Projects

  • A unique approach to anti-inflammatory immune therapy

  • Age-related immune dysfunction may underpin poor COVID-19 outcomes in the elderly

  • Ageing Well with HIV

  • Broadly neutralising anti-HIV antibodies and Fc Receptor function

  • Discovery of new treatments for myeloma and myelogenous leukemia

  • Getting to the heart of cardiovascular disease in HIV

  • New approaches to the treatment of lupus

  • Predicting quality and potency of monoclonal and natural antibodies

  • Stellabody® Technology in Infectious Disease – COVID-19 and beyond

  • Stellabody® Technology in Cancer Therapy

  • The impact of viral infections on immune ageing

  • The role of monocytes in the development of cardiovascular disease

  • Understanding the connection between inflammation and cancer