8th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research

8th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research

Catch up on the latest p vivax research and hear the progress made on: burden and epidemiology; pathology and pathogenesis; invasion biology; treatment; vaccine development; transmission studies; diagnostics and surveillance; and genomic epidemiology.

This year, the conference is completely online with sessions across time zones to make it more accessible for all attendees.

Burnet Institute’s Professor Leanne Robinson is co-chairing this event with A/Professor Kamala Ley Thriemer of Menzies School of Health Research.

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Date & Time

19:00, 05 April 2022 – 23:30, 08 April 2022



Contact Details

For more information about this event, please contact:

Professor Leanne Robinson

Program Director, Health Security and Pandemic Preparedness; Senior Principal Research Fellow, Group Leader, Vector-Borne Diseases and Tropical Public Health