Past Events (2018)

December, 2018 (2)

21 December, 2018

Holiday closure for Burnet's Melbourne Office

Have a safe and festive break from everyone here at Burnet.

10 December, 2018

Free Public Lecture: Current major challenges in global health

Features Professors Caroline Homer AO, Alan Lopez AC, Sharon Lewin and Brendan Crabb AC at this special event.

November, 2018 (6)

30 November, 2018

mHIVE World AIDS Day Symposium

‘HIV, Ageing and Co-morbidities’ is the theme for the mHIVE World AIDS Day Symposium hosted by Burnet Institute.

30 November, 2018

World AIDS Day Official Victorian Community Launch

Join us to highlight the issues around HIV and AIDS. Keynote Address from Burnet’s Professor Mark Stoové.

13 November, 2018

WISH 2018

Professor Margaret Hellard will chair the viral hepatitis forum at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Qatar.

07 November, 2018

2018 Youth Health Conference

This year’s conference will focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s health.

04 November, 2018

APSAD 2018

The latest Burnet Institute research in the alcohol and other drug field will be showcased at APSAD 2018.

01 November, 2018

IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress

Dr Megan Lim will be presenting at the IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.

October, 2018 (3)

31 October, 2018

AusBiotech 2018

The AusBiotech conference is the largest annual event for the biotechnology industry in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

30 October, 2018

ACFID - Human rights in the 21st century

How can we recognise the inherent value of each person in the face of a global backlash against human rights?

24 October, 2018

The Union World Conference on Lung Health

Burnet researchers will play an active role at the 49th World Conference of The Union to be held in the Netherlands.

September, 2018 (6)

24 September, 2018

2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

The annual forum is the premier HIV conference in Australia and the Asia and Pacific region.

19 September, 2018

7th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users

Join health professionals, researchers, community organisations, people who use drugs and policy makers.

14 September, 2018

Global Ideas Forum

The Global Ideas Forum is a jam-packed weekend of global health inspiration; panel discussions, keynotes and immersive workshops.

13 September, 2018

Include a Charity Week - Special Luncheon Event

Join us on 13 September at a special lunch at Burnet to find out how gifts in Wills support our work.

13 September, 2018

World Sepsis Day

Sepsis continues to be the most preventable cause of death worldwide, striking about 30 million people every year, killing six to nine million of them.

12 September, 2018

CREIDU & MARC Symposium 2018

Discuss the developments and opportunities in preventing and responding to opioid overdose in Victoria.

August, 2018 (2)

13 August, 2018

11th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference

Find out more about the leading multidisciplinary Viral Hepatitis conference in Australasia.

11 August, 2018

National Science Week

Burnet Institute proudly supports National Science Week 2018 – an opportunity to highlight future discovery research and our talented scientists.

July, 2018 (3)

30 July, 2018

2018 World Hepatitis Day Symposium: Preventing Disease, Preventing Deaths

Join the discussion about how we can eliminate viral hepatitis.

23 July, 2018

AIDS 2018 Conference

Burnet Institute researchers are playing an active role in the International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2018, in Amsterdam from 23-27 July.

01 July, 2018

1st Malaria World Congress (MWC2018)

Join this inaugural gathering of experts from around the world, and help make malaria history.

May, 2018 (2)

20 May, 2018

AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Join the HIV community and friends and families for the 35th annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in Southbank, Melbourne.

16 May, 2018

Burnet Institute AGM

Burnet’s 29th AGM will be held on Wednesday 16 May 2018, in the AMREP Lecture Theatre.

April, 2018 (1)

26 April, 2018

Day of Immunology Discovery Tours

Meet our inspiring immunologists, hear about their important discoveries, and go ‘behind the scenes’ on a lab tour!

March, 2018 (2)

27 March, 2018

Wanted: Leaders for a TB-Free World. You Can Make History.

Burnet Institute is an official supporter of a World TB Day event at Parliament House in Canberra.

25 March, 2018

Gordon Research Conference on Antibody Biology and Engineering

Burnet’s Professor Mark Hogarth is Chair of one of the premier research conferences in the field.

February, 2018 (2)

14 February, 2018

Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference 2018

Bringing together scientists with a shared interest in infectious diseases and immunity research.

12 February, 2018

Australasian Aid Conference

Burnet Institute Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb AC will address the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference in Canberra from February 12-14.

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