Past Events (2015)

December, 2015 (4)

24 December, 2015

Burnet's office holiday closure

Thank you for supporting Burnet’s work. We re-open on Monday 4 January 2016.

14 December, 2015

Special screening of 'Every Last Child'

Your chance to attend the local premiere screening of Every Last Child, the story of the fight to end polio in Pakistan.

04 December, 2015

ASI 2015: New Horizons Canberra

Burnet Institute’s Professor Mark Hogarth will speak at a special joint meeting with the German Society for Immunology and ASI.

01 December, 2015

Burnet + World AIDS Day 2015

Burnet Institute is once again proudly supporting a range of events and activities on World AIDS Day - find out more!

November, 2015 (3)

25 November, 2015

Sweet Bite For The Fight - supporting HIV programs!

Ahead of World AIDS Day, you can help support Burnet Institute’s HIV programs – one sweet bite at a time!

19 November, 2015

Transmission: The journey from AIDS to HIV - special screenings

This landmark film is touring Australia in the lead up to World AIDS Day 2015. Proudly supported by Burnet Institute.

08 November, 2015

APSAD Scientific Alcohol and Drug Conference

International and local experts will present the latest cutting-edge research from the alcohol and other drugs sector.

October, 2015 (4)

23 October, 2015

Global Ideas Forum

Burnet Institute is proud to support the 2015 Global Ideas Forum which will focus on Reimagining Global Health.

12 October, 2015

CREIDU Colloquium 2015

Prisons: Opportunities and challenges towards improving the health of people who inject drugs.

05 October, 2015

2015 Burnet Oration

Bumper crowed attending Burnet Oration to be delivered by Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, Dr Richard Horton.

01 October, 2015

Malaria in Melbourne 2015 Conference

Burnet’s Dr Jack Richards is co-chair of the Conference to be hosted by Monash University.

September, 2015 (5)

16 September, 2015

Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference

This annual conference run by ASHM is a platform to present new and innovative findings in HIV research.

16 September, 2015

Encountering alcohol and other drugs

Burnet’s Centre for Population Health is a co-host of the Encountering alcohol and other drugs conference in Portugal.

13 September, 2015

World STI & HIV Congress

“Up and Coming” is the theme of the Congress, promoting the work of new and outstanding international researchers.

07 September, 2015

Include a Charity Week

This week is designed to bring together more than 130 charities to raise awareness of the importance of charitable gifts in Wills.

03 September, 2015

TB-CRE Symposium

This year’s TB-CRE Symposium has been rescheduled to follow directly after the Asia Pacific Conference of The Union.

August, 2015 (4)

31 August, 2015

International Union Against TB & Lung Disease Asia Pacific Region Conference

Burnet’s Dr Suman Majumdar and Professor Steve Graham presenting.

26 August, 2015

Infectious Diseases Research Symposium - FULL HOUSE!

Hosted by Burnet Institute, hear from Australia’s leading researchers about the latest advances.

19 August, 2015

Symposium on AOD in Melbourne's West

Burnet’s Associate Professor Mark Stoové is the keynote speaker at this Alcohol and Other Drugs Symposium.

15 August, 2015

Australian National Science Week

Burnet is celebrating our talented research scientists in their pursuit of life-changing discoveries.

June, 2015 (1)

17 June, 2015

Director's Seminar: Professor Eric Vivier

Professor Eric Vivier on ‘Development, regulation and clinical manipulation of Innate Lymphoid cells’.

May, 2015 (2)

28 May, 2015

ASMR Medical Research Week

The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) Medical Research Week runs from May 28 to June 5.

20 May, 2015

Burnet Institute Annual General Meeting

The 26th Burnet Institute Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 20 May, 2015.

April, 2015 (2)

29 April, 2015

Discovery Tour: Celebrating the Day of Immunology

EVENT SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who applied. We are looking forward to showcasing our work.

24 April, 2015

Working Towards Malaria Elimination Symposium

Ahead of World Malaria Day 2015, join us to hear the latest from Australia’s leading malaria researchers.

March, 2015 (1)

24 March, 2015

World Tuberculosis Day

More than 1.5 million people lose their life each year to this highly infectious disease. Find out what Burnet is doing.

February, 2015 (1)

18 February, 2015

Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference

Associate Professor Heidi Drummer will present on hepatitis C virus transmission and vaccine development.

January, 2015 (1)

18 January, 2015

Midsumma Carnival 2015

Pop in to Burnet’s stand and meet our researchers! GLOVEMAN will be there too helping spread the ‘safe sex’ message.

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