Honours Program

Burnet Institute offers Honours programs in virology, immunology, vaccine development, epidemiology and public health.

Burnet Institute accepts Honours students from all major universities within Victoria with the aim of providing training in public health, infectious diseases and immunology research programs.

Honours projects at Burnet over the past few years have covered diverse areas of research including the immunology of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, the structure and function of cell surface receptors, determining sexual risk practices and STI awareness, modelling of infectious diseases, and HIV-1 associated dementia.

How to apply for Honours study

Why choose Burnet?

  • The Institute is internationally renowned and one of Australia’s leading medical research and public health organisations
  • Our supervisors provide high-level research and career training in a collaborative team environment
  • Gain a holistic research experience by conducting a cross-centre research project
  • Attain skills and knowledge to complement your research experience as part of our professional development program
  • Develop your presentation skills and gain valuable feedback on your research at regular Burnet seminars and student symposia
  • Participate in the various social events organised throughout the year.


Contact Details

Doctor Herbert Opi

Honours Coordinator