Postgraduate Study

  • Postgraduate study: It's a numbers game

    Postgraduate study: It's a numbers game

    Join award-winning global health researcher Professor David Wilson optimise resources for health.

  • Guiding the next generation of researchers

    Guiding the next generation of researchers

    Burnet Laboratory Head and Education Officer Dr Raffi Gugasyan is passionate about teaching science.

Masters and PhD students from a variety of Australian and overseas universities choose to study at Burnet.

Take the first step towards a challenging but rewarding research career - consider a postgraduate study program with Burnet.

We place great emphasis on postgraduate study, providing high-quality research and training in areas related to public health and basic science in infectious diseases and immunology.

In recent years, the Institute had students undertaking PhD research programs, enrolled via Monash University, the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and RMIT.

These PhDs covered a range of topics including HIV entry and replication, HCV virology and immunology, autoimmune disease, malaria, drug misuse, sexual health, modelling of infectious diseases, and vaccine development.

How to apply for Postgraduate study

Why choose Burnet?

  • We are one of Australia’s leading medical research and public health institutes
  • Train with internationally recognised experts in a supportive and structured student support system
  • Gain a holistic research experience by conducting a cross-centre research project
  • Attain skills and knowledge to complement your research experience as part of our professional development program
  • Hone your presentation skills and gain valuable feedback on your research at regular Burnet seminars and our student symposia
  • Present your research at both national and international conferences
  • Participate in the various social events organised throughout the year

Why undertake postgraduate study?

Yes, it takes considerable commitment-both financial and personal- but it’s an important stepping stone if your goal is to forge a research career.

Graduates have progressed to being research team leaders in laboratories and public health programs and it can also open the door to opportunities to progress your career overseas.


Contact Details

Doctor Raffi Gugasyan

Education Officer, Chair of Research Students Committee, Coordinator of Higher Degrees by Research