How to Apply

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Job opportunities

We advertise all vacant positions on the Burnet website. Each position includes specific selection criteria so review the position description to decide if the role is the right fit for you.

Preparing a successful application:

Read the position description

Describes the tasks and responsibilities of the role and includes the selection criteria (sometimes referred to as ‘competencies’) outlining the qualifications, skills and experience required to successfully undertake the role.

Covering letter - statement addressing the selection criteria

This should clearly state which position you are applying for and succinctly (in one to two paragraphs) address the requirements of the position as listed in the position description. The purpose is to demonstrate that you meet the essential requirements of the position and should be considered for the position.

You may wish to use each of the selection criteria as a separate heading to explain how your qualifications, skills and experience meet the requirements. Use examples and emphasise relevant achievements. We would recommend that your statement addressing the selection criteria is no more no more than 2-3 pages in length.

Resume/curriculum vitae

This should be concise, up-to-date and provide an overview of your work experience, educational qualifications and professional development. Also include skills and experience gained outside of paid employment that may be relevant to the advertised position.

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