COVID-19 represents an unprecedented health, social and economic challenge in Australia and around the world. Support Burnet’s COVID-19 emergency response today.

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At Burnet our infectious disease researchers and public health experts are working around the clock to assist with the global response to COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 research is focused on vaccines and antivirals; development of a rapid point-of-care test; clinical and public health programs; advocacy and advice; and supporting international health efforts.

COVID-19 Research focus

Burnet’s Viral Entry and Vaccines Group led by Professor Heidi Drummer is developing and evaluating novel candidate vaccine antigens and serological assays to understand the immune response to COVID-19 in humans.

Our Global Health Diagnostics Development Lab, led by Associate Professor David Anderson, is developing a rapid point-of-care test to identify people who have been infected and cleared the virus, enabling them to safely return to work post-infection, which will be critical for key services, in particular the health sector who are disproportionately exposed to infection.

Professor Margaret Hellard AM, is leading Burnet’s COVID-19 Public Health and Social Impact research. Current priorities include a series of studies to:

  • Assess how to reduce ongoing transmission of COVID-19
  • Assess the impact of the broader social and economic impact of the mitigation efforts (including self-isolation) introduced by government, and identify ways to reduce negative consequences of these mitigation efforts.

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