HIV test for babies

We're developing a cheap, fast and accurate point-of-care test for babies born to HIV-infected mothers. Help us take it forward into clinical trials.

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“The complexity of existing HIV tests for babies can be a problem.

To test a baby for HIV, we need to detect the baby’s own unique HIV antibodies. This is not easy in many developing countries, and almost impossible in rural areas.

In some countries, babies die as a result of delayed test results.

However, here in the Burnet laboratories we have discovered a simplified process which has the potential to allow us to develop a revolutionary new HIV test for babies.

A point-of-care HIV test for babies that is easy to use, accurate, and can give same-day results will save lives.

Your donation today will spearhead the development of this new HIV test for babies.”

– Associate Professor David Anderson

“With the opportunity to promptly test even the most isolated baby in the most resource-poor country, we have the chance to put that baby on the correct treatment and give it a fighting chance.”

Associate Professor David Anderson

Donate Now

Donate now to our HIV Test for Babies Appeal.