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We are closer than ever to developing an urgently needed hepatitis C vaccine. But in order to get there we need your help.

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Professor Heidi Drummer and her team are closer than ever to developing what has the potential to be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in recent years – a vaccine for hepatitis C.

Heidi has been researching hepatitis C and the possibilities of a vaccine for nearly 20 years.

“I’m driven by the fact that people are dying. 71 million people have the infection. That’s around three per cent of the world’s population. And 400,000 die every year. It’s very disturbing,“ she says.

Professor Heidi Drummer hepatitis C vaccine

“Hepatitis C itself has a great ability to change its structure and evade the immune response. Additionally, hepatitis C is classed into eight different genotypes and over 67 different sub-types, which means we need a vaccine that will protect against all circulating strains.

“All of this makes developing a vaccine extremely challenging. But it’s a challenge that inspires me. It drives me and my team on. And we’re getting closer to a real solution. I firmly believe we‘re at a point where we can develop a vaccine and really stop hepatitis C.”

Your donation today towards our Eliminate Hepatitis C Appeal will help Heidi and her team progress in their research to develop a vaccine and STOP hepatitis C.

“If we at Burnet are to develop a vaccine for hepatitis C, then Heidi and her team will be there at the forefront.”

Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Director and CEO

Donate Now

Donate now to our Eliminate Hep C Appeal