Lymphatic filariasis: A devastating mosquito-borne disease

Millions of people globally are threatened by a disease you may never have heard of.

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It’s called lymphatic filariasis, and the associated clinical condition of severely enlarged limbs is sometimes known as elephantiasis.

For the last 10 years, Dr Leanne Robinson and her Papua New Guinea (PNG) partners have been an important part of the fight to control and eliminate this disease that can lead to profound disfigurement and pain.

You can help us turn global inaction into personal action with your gift today. People suffering from lymphatic filariasis are not only physically disabled, but are prevented from living a productive working and social life, further trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

They are often ashamed and scared to leave their homes and there is a fear within their community of this condition. The personal stigma of the disease and the isolation experienced is immense.

Leanne and her PNG partners’ work to control and eliminate lymphatic filariasis is on the verge of transferring from clinical trials into real-world implementation where it can help interrupt the transmission of this disease.

Your donation today will take her research to the next crucial stage.

We know how achievable this goal is, because other countries in our region have eliminated lymphatic filariasis. Yes, that is right. Not only is it entirely preventable but it has been eliminated in many countries, including some in our own region.

This is about us, as Australians, working together with partners in our neighbouring countries, to alleviate the burden of infectious diseases.

Photo credit: Mayeta Clark/WEHI 2015

I personally encourage you to support our ongoing lymphatic filariasis research program in PNG and be a part of the collective effort to eliminate it from our region.

Dr Leanne Robinson, Burnet Institute and PNG Institute of Medical Research

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Help control and eliminate lymphatic filariasis. Donate today.