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Dr Nick Scott and his team use maths to outsmart deadly infectious diseases and save vulnerable lives.

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Our mathematical modellers like Dr Nick Scott are using their analytical skills as a powerful tool in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases like malaria, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV that affect vulnerable communities.

Nick and his team have helped more than 40 countries stretch their limited public health budget through identifying the best chances to save lives from devastating infectious diseases.

“With mathematical models we can pinpoint the combination of tools that will have the greatest impact in particular regions and save the most lives,” Nick said.

“It means we can ensure that limited funds can be directed to their most effective and efficient use.”

Nick’s passion for numbers is making a difference. But as funding is limited, he urgently needs your help to design new models to make even greater strides against deadly diseases like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. In Australia mathematically modelling has also helped predict the potential spread of hepatitis C.

Nick’s work in ‘number crunching’ has shown so much potential to save lives but its incredibly hard to get funding from traditional research grant sources. That’s left Nick without steady funding support.

Can we count on your generosity so Nick and his team can continue their lifesaving work?

Your gift will not only save the lives of vulnerable people today, but also those of future generations.

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The most effective health interventions are highly linked to numbers. Numbers help us better understand the burden of disease – as well as perform predictive modelling to identify the most powerful public health solutions.

Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Burnet Director and CEO

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Help our mathematical modellers fight deadly diseases. Make a gift today.