There are 35.3 million people worldwide infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Although drugs now exist that allow HIV patients to live longer, healthier lives, the cost of pre-treatment testing has limited access to drugs among patients in resource-poor countries. In response, Kieran Cashin and colleagues from the Gorry laboratory have created a free online computer program that mimics pre-treatment tests. We hope that this program will aid access to anti-HIV drugs, particularly in developing countries burdened most by the HIV pandemic. This tool has been specifically developed for subtype C HIV-1, which is the predominant subtype in the HIV-1 pandemic.

“CoRSeqV3-C is a HIV-1 subtype C specific V3 sequence-based coreceptor usage prediction algorithm. Refer to “Cashin, K et al., Retrovirology 2013 10:24” for a description of the CoRSeqV3-C development process and prediction criteria.

An updated version of CoRSeqV3-C (renamed PhenoSeq-C) can be found here.

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