AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a world class cell sorting and cell analysis laboratory catering for the scientific research community based in the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct and broader Melbourne.

The facility is located in the Central Clinical School (CCS) Department of Monash Immunology on the 2nd floor (Commercial Rd, Laboratory telephone +613 9903 0601), has some instruments located at CCS Monash ACBD (1st floor), and Burnet Institute (Alfred Centre, 7th floor, 99 Commercial Rd ).

Managed by Mr Geza Paukovics (BMed, LabSci), who has extensive experience in the field of flow cytometry and cell sorting since 1992, the facility offers:

  • Comprehensive training and education
  • Experimental design and protocol guidance specifically targeting effective data generation and interpretation in the field of flow cytometry
  • Services catering for both animal and human cell sorting in a PC2 environment
  • Caters for infectious sample sorting (eg. HIV, HepC) in a dedicated PC3 environment.

Analysis instrumentation available for licensed staff:

  • 3xFACSCalibur, CellQuest platforms: 2 laser, 4 colour analog system
  • LSRII DIVA platform: 4 laser, 16 colour
  • FACS CantoII DIVA with 96HTS: 2 laser, 6 colour
  • FACS CantoII DIVA: 3 laser, 8 colour
  • BD LSRFortessa with 96HTS: 4 laser, 16 colour digital instrument

Cell Sorting platforms:

  • FACSAria PC2 DIVA platform: 3 laser, 9 colour
  • FACSAria PC3 DIVA platform: 3 laser, 9 colour
  • BD Influx PC2 BD FACS Sortware platform: 4 laser, 14 colour

Imaging Flow Cytometry

Analysis and Sorting platforms

All existing platform specifications available:


Only available to licenced users. Please contact us.


If any member of the AMREP Flow staff have made substantial intellectual contributions to the design of your experiment they should qualify among the authorship list.

Contributions that do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in the acknowledgement section with the name of the AMREP Flow staff that made those contributions and the Flow Cytometry facility address:

AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility
85 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004
GPO 2284, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3001
TEL +613 9282 2246 LAB TEL +613 9903 0601

Contact Details

For any general enquiries relating to this facility, please contact:

Eva Orlowski-Oliver

Flow Cytomertrist